Harry is the senior member of the company herd. He started his working life as an Amish plow horse but came to Harrisburg Carriage company when he was 4 years old. Harry has seen it all and done most of it. He carried Santa in the Harrisburg Holiday Parade for 12 years. Harry is a favorite with brides and has done many weddings. 

Big Al


Big Al is the newest member of the herd. He began his career as a carriage horse in Boston and spent some time in Cape May before coming to Harrisburg Carriage Company in the spring of 2015. Big Al loves attention (and apples) and is now splitting the wedding business with Harry. 

Casper and Dan


Casper and Dan are half brothers who joined the company herd in 2011. Before coming to Central Pennsylvania, they were the lead horses in a six-horse competition driving hitch that competed up and down the East Coast. Special events are their specialty, and they can work individually or as a team.